How to be self-employed in Iceland  

  • Are you interested in self-employment or contracting in Iceland?
  • Are you already familiar with this business but seek guidance on navigating the Icelandic landscape.

Our course offers a blend of distance and on-site learning to prepare you for this kind of work.

About the course 

The course is intended for those who want to learn how to be self-employed in Iceland. It also well-suited to immigrants with a background in self-employment or contracting in their home countries.

The aim of the course is to assist students in building their own business, training in preparing offers, negotiating with potential clients, and marketing their services online.

The course is a total of 48 hours and is taught in English.  

Course content 

  • Entrepreneurship and company building 
  • Online marketing  
  • Negotiation techniques (f. ex. preparing offers etc.)   

Study plan 

October 3rd– November 16th 2024.  Thursdays, from 17:00 - 21:15; Saturdays, from 8:30 – 15:00.  

Who can apply? 

  • Those who are 18 years or older without secondary education.  
  • Immigrants living in Iceland. 
  • Those who have applied for study funding from the Directorate of Labour.

 Course assessment 

Course assessment is based on 80% attendance, assignments, and active participation of students. No final test. 


Höfðabakki 9, 110 Reykjavík. 

Course fee 

The course fee is 20.400 ISK. 

Price is subject to change.


Do you have the right to a grant from your union or the Icelandic Directorate of Labour to pay towards courses? 

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