Payment Terms and Conditions

Student tuition fees must be paid before the course starts, and registration does not become valid until payment is made. Choices of payment methods are the following:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card

Please note that once studies have commenced, the student has committed to paying the total tuition fee, and that it is not possible to have it cancelled or reimbursed. If a student decides to discontinue their studies after having been accepted to the course, Mímir reserves the right to collect 10% of the total fee to cover administration costs. If a minimum number of students is not reached, Mímir will reimburse the student in full.

The payment is due on the invoice date of issue; the final due date is seven days thereafter. In instances when payment has not been received ten days after the final due date, the claim will be placed in debt recovery process. In such instances, penalty interests will be charged.


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