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Do you want to work in the tourism sector?

Next course: Fall 2021

Teaching hours: 8:20-12:00 Monday – Friday

The Directorate of labour gives 75% refund on the students´ fee for its clients.

Please note that applicants for this course, CAN NOT choose Vinnumálastofnun as a form of payment in the application process.The students pay themselves, get a receipt from Mímir, and take it to Vinnumálastofnun for a refund.

The tourism service course is a 40-hour practical course for people over 18 years of age who want to work in tourism sector or develop their professional skills in the field.

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • The value of tourism, work ethics
  • Various service requirements
  • Service spirit and communication
  • Developing oneself at work (ICT skills)
  • Security and firs aid
  • Evaluation of the course

Price: 15.000 kr. 

Attendance is mandatory.

Further information: Irma Matchavariani, 580-1800, irma@mimir.is


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